Take your 4-legged family members too!

We have 2 dogs and love taking them with us on holiday.  Travelling to Europe is pretty straightforward now under the Pets Travel Scheme.  See lnk below:

In sum, you will need to get them vaccinated against rabies (and keep them in-date) to get their Pet Passport and then take them to the vet in France between 1 and 5 days before your return journey for a treatment (just a tablet) for a worm - ensuring your paperwork is stamped up with the right date.  They have to stay in the car on the ferry, so this may influence the route you choose (fastcat to Cherbourg may be better).

We can provide the contact details and directions to our local vet who is very familiar with the process.  Alternatively if you're not comfortable phoning in French, we can book this for you.

So if you haven't taken your furry friends with you before, this could be the opportunity!  As well as offering a totally secure garden, the area is lovely for dog walking - and the river great for a cooling swim (be warned that it does get very hot in the summer, but there are plenty of shady areas in the house and garden to keep them cool).  

The French are very dog friendly too, welcoming them in most restaurants and cafes - as well as on the canoes you hire in Aubeterre!

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